New Trends in Small Business Emerging During COVID-19

To say that COVID-19 has changed the way we do business would be to make a gross understatement. From the time it hit American shores, it not only upended the way we do business and think about business, but it has completely revolutionized the way we plan future business operations, as well. Despite the virus nearly shutting down all forms of “non-essential” business, small businesses have managed to eke out an existence by pivoting to remain as present as possible with their customers. Now that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and we might just be emerging from the chaos of COVID-19, it’s time to examine consumer trends now emerging that impact the small businesses of tomorrow.

Marketing Adjustments when Business Slows Down

Since COVID-19 forcibly shut down much of the world economy, business owners have had to rethink their entire marketing strategies. What started as a typical year has turned into anything but ordinary. Now, it’s imperative to adjust plans to stay relevant and viable as a business during an economic downturn. So what can you do to keep your business moving forward? Here are seven steps to take.