Helping Your Team Manage Their Mental Health During Uncertain Times

All businesses depend on cohesive and effective employer-employee relationships. In an era of unforeseen circumstances like the Covid-19 pandemic, the need to keep businesses afloat may cause strain in these relationships, thereby leading to a drop in employee output and morale. While these are trying and new times for all, employers and organizations must seek to calm the fears and anxieties of their employees.

Key Competencies Required To Be A Strong Project Manager

“How do you measure the success of a project?”
This question isn’t black & white, and you may get a variety of answers. Some project managers may focus exclusively on output, where others may focus on the core competencies required to achieve the required output. Although both answers would be correct, there is a difference between being able to answer the question and prove the results in the work you do.

Navigating Construction Scheduling Impacts Caused By COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented a unique challenge for subcontractors, causing them to quickly learn how to navigate scheduling impacts. While many projects have seen scheduling disruptions, others, particularly those involving education, transportation, or health-related facilities, have seen their timeline accelerate, causing project managers to need to be able to maximize efficiency. And these changes don’t just affect the schedule; project managers are now tasked with assessing the best way to balance on-site operations with health measures that guarantee workers’ safety.