Hit the Reset Button on your Company Culture

Company culture is way more than a buzz word. Culture is found in the way your business operates day-to-day. It’s found in how employees, clientele, and investors interact with one another. It even shows up in the innovations or lack thereof you incorporate in your business model. In short, company culture is a driving force that directly relates to the success of your company. If your business is suffering in this area and needs to hit the reset button, here are four ways to do that.

Proptech and Why it’s important for your Homebuilding Business in 2020

Why Proptech is Important for your Homebuilding Business in 2020
Proptech has become a fast-growing buzzword and trend in real estate. The tech in this category is set to not only revolutionize the way real estate functions as a whole but has the potential to disrupt the entire homebuying and homebuilding process outright. Far from a temporary trend, proptech is here to stay and is poised to take over. Why is it so important for your home building business? Here are several reasons.

Authenticity, The True Competitive Edge For Any Small Business

In today’s fast-moving consumer-driven world, customers, employees, clients, and investors alike are looking for one key element in your leadership and your business as a whole: authenticity. As a culture, we’ve moved far away from responding well to impersonal advertising, products, and customer service. Even AI is personalized, often knowing exactly who you are when you call customer service based on your phone number. People want authentic experiences and authenticity as a business or company leader is crucial. Here are three reasons you need to boost your level of authenticity if you want to boost your company.

6 Leadership Books to Read Going into 2020

As a business owner or leader in a company, it’s essential to keep growing on a personal and professional level. One way to continue expanding the way you view your career in leadership is by gaining inspiration & knowledge from influential and successful leaders. Leadership is an ever-growing, ever-changing process and no one knows this better than the men and women who have risen to places of prominent leadership.  Glean their wisdom in these six books as you lead your company into 2020.

The Importance of Creating a Culture of Trust in Your Workplace

If you want your company to run smoothly, function at peak performance, and be a place your team enjoys coming each day, you need to cultivate a culture of trust. Studies indicate that employees value trust more than salaries, benefits packages, days off, or even pay raises! Fostering trust among your team is the most critical thing you can do for the life, health, and vitality of your business. Here are four key steps to cultivate trust in your workplace.

New Years Resolutions for Your Small Business

With the start of 2020, it’s a perfect time to sit back, relax, and set some goals for your business. Resolutions aren’t just for your personal life. You should be setting goals for your business, too. People and businesses are the two things that should consistently grow – but proper growth doesn’t happen without a plan. Here are three resolutions you can make for the health of your business this year.

Why Customer Engagement Should be Every Home Builder’s Top Priority

Customer engagement is fast becoming a buzzword among the business world – and for a good reason! We live in the most socially connected time our world has ever seen. When it comes to the growth of businesses, social connection results in customer engagement and satisfaction being vitally important. When customers can easily rat out terrible customer service on Yelp, share how amazing your work is on Facebook, or shout out your business hashtag on twitter, customers become the driving force for your business. Here are our top four reasons why you should be focused on customer engagement in 2020.

5 Reasons a Financial Dashboard is Important to your Small Business

Whatever industry you work in, understanding the financial aspect of your small business can be quite overwhelming. You may get regular reports on what the company is doing; however, it may not be something you can easily understand. This is precisely where financial dashboards come in and why they are so critical to the success of your company.

It is vital as a part of any business that you thoroughly understand what your financial numbers mean. You also need to be able to leverage that knowledge to improve your success further. Discover why financial dashboards are so essential and how to get yours started.

Understanding the Keys to an Accurate Bidding Process

When it comes to construction and trade businesses (plumbers, HVAC Contractors, Electrical Contractors, etc.), accurately estimating and bidding potential jobs is the most crucial and fundamental aspect of a successful project. Remember, there is a difference between general estimates and firm bids. An estimate is an approximation to give clients an idea of what to expect. A quote, or bid, is a fixed dollar value based on a specific time frame.

There are several components of the bidding process that need to be understood and properly executed to complete a job that is both fair and lucrative. Here are some key points to keep in mind.